Carmelo Anthony Pursues $5M Restaurant Business Oppo

Carmelo Anthony continues to impress amongst NBA stars due to his highly intelligent business decisions. Previously, he has profited from a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle apparel collection, the launch of Melo7 tech partners, and Mr. Big Shot – an Asian themed cuisine sports bar near Madison Square Garden. Recently, Carmelo decided to sink another chunk of change toward the development of a sports bar and restaurant combination venture.

Recently, Carmelo invested $5 million into Nobody’s Pizza, which currently hosts one location on 136 Alexander Ave. near East 134th Street in the South Bronx. By creating a three-headed monster between real estate giant Keith Rubenstein and pub chain The Ainsworth, Carmelo intends to generate about 20-30 total locations throughout a seven year span. Rubenstein’s real estate company, Somerset Partners owns Nobody’s Pizza and together with The Ainsworth, the three of them envision a high return on investment.

This major move illustrates Carmelo’s strategic business background and ability to capitalize at the most opportune moment.

Certainly, The Ainsworth generated significant social media buzz due to their heavily coated, 24K gold wings. Additionally, customers gravitated toward the popularity of their ridiculously layered mac and cheese burgers. The Ainsworth maintains four locations throughout New York in Midtown, Manhattan, E. Village and Chelsea.

Carmelo will build off of Nobody’s pre-existing menu that contains signature items like chicken paillard and pesto linguini with the inclusion of commonplace crowd pleasers such as wings and burgers.

The Ainsworth and Nobody’s Pizza’s first location will be built in Nashville, TN. Rubenstein, Anthony and The Ainsworth will display their culinary skills in the form of multiple on site bars, an assorted menu and possibly an outdoor pool. The general area for the sports bar and pizzeria combination locations will be within walking distance of nearby sporting venues.

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