Frozen Files – Wu&A with Ghostface Killah

For this segment donned the ‘Frozen Files’ – we bring you the unfortunate sequence of events that could have been brought into the interview limelight but due to complications, remain as a well-prepared cold dish not served in video format. Rather than keeping the hours of preparation and seasoning on ice as a cold case, FNN has decided to unearth its files and the different paths of resources collected along the way.

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FNN operates within the realms of Upstate NY, parts of New York City and Midwestern Ohio. Ghostface Killah performed at Newport Music Hall in Columbus, OH on May 8th. Our sources had aligned with the concert promoter and ended up winning two free tickets through an Instagram contest giveaway. Rather than attending the concert with an attempt to scalp without guaranteed prospect of interview, FNN wanted to ensure they could cover all three bases: attendance, profit and most importantly interview the legendary Wally Kingpin a.k.a. GhostDeini a.k.a Tony Starks a.k.a Supreme Ironman. The janky promoter teetered back and forth upon asking approval of GFK’s manager and the interview fell through the cracks. Here are the well-articulated questions compiled by our team. Enjoy.

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1) Irene Clark “Recurring situational construction creates genre.” How did you adapt this mentality and apply it to your music?


2) There’s a producer by the name of Big Ghost who produced a mixtape for WSG/Conway titled, Griselda Ghost. Much like the beginning of your career he refuses to reveal his identity to the public. WSG and Conway are the last of a dying breed. Can you speak to the importance of these artists within this generation of relatively lackluster lyricism?


3) How did Robert Clouse’s Enter the Dragon influence the birth of Enter the 36 Chambers?


4) Ali lost the title 3 times and won it 3 times. How does this fact relate to Ghostface?

5) How did Kool G Rap play a role in molding your stream of consciousness ?


6) As a street rhetorician what elements of your life played a role in redefining our language?


7) What made you remove the mask for the Can It Be All So Simple video ?


8) As a whimsical and impressionistic MC , could you speak to the importance of zigzag storytelling ?

9) Early In OHIO, you recorded on a 4 track with a wind screen hanger and stocking cap – could you explain further about the importance of humble beginnings?


10) What is your fondest memory of Tappan Lake?


11) What is the mystery of chessboxing?


12) Some of the greatest Wu Tang beats first hit your eardrums right here in the state of OH. What do you think of All I Got is You as a wedding song?


13) You said “Dont fall into the illusion of our programming.” What advice would you give to a youngin like myself in regards to unlearning and relearning in order to thrive and advance?


14) What type of cinematics does Starks Films intend on producing?

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15) You have an online poker room, life sized dolls, CREAM cryptocurrency and Wu Goo. What’s next for the Ghost Deini?

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