Ye – Far Out In WYO

It’s the first of the month…

Fridays always tend to be a popular release day for music and on this special June 1st we have a seven new tunes from Mr. West himself.
With the second G.O.O.D. music release in just the past week it is safe to say we have been blessed. Kanye spent much of the time crafting this album within the solitude mountainous terrain of Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Last night, his listening party at Diamond Cross Ranch narrated by Chris Rock featured guests like Nas, Damon Dash, Candace Owens & more.
In typical avant garde Kanye fashion, the listening party pioneered via the WAV Media and Stationhead app. Look for these applications to receive a major stock bolster in due part to Ye’s participation.
The content packed within the album deals with mental illness, suicidal tendencies, operations, prescription medications and his controversial TMZ interview.
To coincide with the seven track hilltop experience, Kanye released a capsule of merchandise in conjunction with BravadoUSA.
Between now and June 22, three more albums either produced by or involving G.O.O.D. Music artists are bound to hit the interwebs.
Check out Kanye’s latest offering below:

*UPDATE* – Kanye neglected to clear a sample. I know you must be shocked. According to Bill Kouligas (head of Berlin Label Pan) Track 1 “I Thought About Killing You” rips a sample from a track called, “Fr3sh” by Kareem Lofty of mono no aware, which Lofty submitted original music onto.

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