Spending Everythang on Alexander Wang – New Sneaker Collection Snapping Necks

We have certainly reached the age of bulky sneakers and far-out design concepts. Alexander Wang continues to improvise its brandishment of footwear, as well. As apart of their AW Reissue Run, Wang & co. are preparing to launch quite the raunchy and spectacular sneaker. Its’ spring/summer offerings include new mixed models of suede, mesh, and nylon components which incorporate a toggle lacing system that fastens its grip at the heel. In accordance, they will release a Boost-cushioned sock sneaker in its most experimental collection yet. Alexander Wang x Adidas AW Reissue Run AQ1233 (Lateral)Alexander Wang x Adidas AW Reissue Run B43597 (Pair)Alexander Wang x Adidas AW Run AQ1230 (Pair)

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