Don C x Mitchell & Ness – “No Name” Jerseys

Don Crawley, the streetwear legend who pays his dues from the RSVP gallery days of Chicago with Virgil Abloh, has much more stashed in the vault for us. As apart of his label Just Don, Don C collaboratively teamed up with Mitchell & Ness to completely reimagine the iconic imagery of an NBA jersey. Coinciding with a minimalistic approach, the “No Name” collection fixates upon the logos and likenesses of NBA jersey logos sans the branding team names that clutter up the front.

“When asking my friends who don’t like jerseys what don’t they like, the response is always that they are too graphic for their specific taste. So I thought a large group of people would want NBA jerseys that are not graphic-based… and we paid attention to the fine details!”

When you belong to the elite bracket that Don does, he can certainly utilize a price gauging methodology. The premium designed materials retail at $400 which significantly capitalizes amongst the likes of a normal NBA jersey. But this ain’t no normal product!

Full Lookbook

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