World Be Free: How Skechers Aims to Mooch Money from Adidas Prosperous NCAA Scandal

As if an NCAA investigation wasn’t enough, ever struggling brand Skechers hopes to cash in on Adidas’ struggles with another lawsuit.

The basis: [Skechers] alleges that illicit payments made by Adidas and its employees “effectively blocked Skechers and other companies from competing on a level playing field for young, NBA-level endorsers, and unfairly bolstered consumer perception of adidas’ overall brand quality and image well beyond the basketball footwear market.”

Well here’s some news, life isn’t fair. Rather than trying to profit off of someone who has advanced their brand, perhaps try to elevate your performance?

Skechers’ lawsuit claims that Adidas’ alleged misbehavior has irreparably harmed its footing in the basketball marketplace.

“Some of the key ways that law-abiding shoe companies get their products on players’ feet are through sponsoring youth basketball programs, sponsoring college/university sports programs, and through endorsement deals with professional players in the NBA. adidas’ illicit bribery program, however, has corrupted all of these channels, tipping the scales unfairly in adidas’ favor to the detriment of competitors, including Skechers.”

C’mon, Skechers you should be playing to win not trying to leach off of someone else’s established footing within multiple industrial sectors.

They should have capitalized upon the Ian Connor wave when he rocked Skechers due to their Raf Simons resemblance.

UPDATE: Skechers dropped the lawsuit after just 20 days

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