Frozen Files – TRAPHOUSE Scrapped Interview Questions [All Star Weekend]

Sometimes, our fast-paced lifestyle may endure unexpected twists and turns. Such was the case for our backstage personnel in LA, who dealt with unwilling artists more interested in turning up vibes instead of intelligent interviews. Without any more explanation, here goes our BTS look at what could have been … METRO … NBA YB

INTRO) I’m here Backstage at the Traphouse All Star Fest with (holds mic to Metro) and I am ____ for FNN

  1. TRAP. To Rise Above Poverty. How do you embody the change required to redefine the term TRAP?
  2. We are held responsible for our success with the same weight by which we are blamed for our poverty. Could you speak to the importance of owning your narrative and paving your own lane?
  3. To Rise Above Poverty, some artists express their imminent struggle to build a better future. Some focus on life’s luxuries and express themselves within a perpetual present tense. If it’s only Metro in the room, what type of hip-hop would you most prefer?
  4. Is inequality inherent to capitalism?
  5. At a great pace and in a swift manner you have learned to maneuver as a versatile person. What are some vital characteristics to moving in public silence like Metro Boomin?
  6. Congratulations on the launch of Boominati Worldwide. What types of highly gifted individuals do you plan to recruit for your first signee?
  7. What was it like to conclude the “Set it Off” tour @KFCYUMCTR in Bryson Tiller’s hometown of Louisville, KY?

OUTRO) Clearly, your production speaks volumes to your musical pedigree. 2018, we intend to spread all of our blessings until they multiply. (Get him to do drop)

INTRO)I’m here Backstage at the Traphouse All Star Fest with (holds mic to NBAYB) and I am ____ for FNN.

  1. NBA Youngboy the man who never wears the same outfit twice. What’s it like to be mentioned within the same breath as Lil Wayne who started rapping at age 11?
  2. What is the greatest thing you learned from Lil Phat?
  3. 9 mixtapes in three years, a multimillion dollar deal and a debut album soon to come. How do you distinguish yourself from your hip-hop associates?
  4. NBA Youngboy is synonymous with unrelenting drive, hustle and ambition. How do you maintain a positive demeanor while so many continue to place a target on your back?

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