Rendevous//Real Soon ~ Hermez

Hermez, alongside Barry Sinclair, comprise the Timeless Generation which directly reflects and embraces diverse trends and stylistic tunes. During a brief stint overseas, Hermez completed international schooling in Nigeria, London and Dubai. By the age of eighteen, he returned to the U.S. refreshed and determined to find his voice.

Recently, Hermez dropped off two Spotify sensations in the form of Rendevous and Real Soon.

“Rendevous” creates quite the tropical vibe and instantly inspires the listener to ease their tension. Throughout, the song carries connotations, background samples and excerpts entirely in Spanish. This tune emits old school vibes and reminds the listener of days where DJ’s would spin turntables. The song exhibits a constant buildup until energy becomes unleashed throughout the transitions

All in all, this dream destination record wonderfully stacks lyrical content, vocal effects and background noises into one easily digestible and cohesive unit. It feels as if there are multiple different songs and vibrational elements properly compacted into one version. As a result, this getaway tune specifically heightens the senses of feeling and demands another listen.

Favorite Line: Te Amo, regardless baby girl we making progress (for the pesos)

Rank: 9.7/10

The other song released by Hermez lets his “fam” know that blessings will be arriving shortly. This anticipatory track pushes the audience to strive toward what they deserve. More times than not, Hermez reminds the people that the functional purpose of a human is to stack funds. “Real Soon” relays brilliant sonic instrumentation, active vocal tones, and progression. Hermez remains forgetful of his past in order to focus his tunnel vision upon future endeavors.

This track swiftly juxtaposes past, present and future to amalgamate a unique point of view. Hermez experiences no issues with devouring anything and everything placed onto his plate. “Real Soon” serves as the ultimate “speak into existence” track.

Just last week, Gary Vaynerchuk selected “Real Soon” amongst fourteen other songs to compile his “Monday to Monday” Spotify playlist.

Favorite Line: Don’t try to stunt on the low…Bitch you ain’t Mother Theresa.

Rank: 8/10

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