V-Bae Playlist [02/14]

Valentine’s Day represents a plethora of different characteristics. The origins trace back to the Roman goddess, Venus and a Saint named Valentine.

This day of endearment represents affectionate sentiments shared between one another.

To some, February 14th does not represent more than the halfway point of the shortest month of the year.

Regardless, it is February and appreciation is due.

From us to you and whomever you hold TRUE.

To kick it off, Kelela launches an absolutely intriguing record, LMK. The video showcases an intimate club scene accompanied with loud colors, shifting shapes and special effects. The song embodies the thrill of the nightlife and reflects confidence within emotional complexities. Never letting her guard down, Kelela maintains her search for tenderness within a cruel universe. This song provides the perfect getaway and for that it deserves Valentine’s Bae PlayRank of ‘Mood’.

Formerly of Groove Theory, Amel Larrieux delivers breathtaking performances. This song delves into the intricacies of intimacy and portrays the joys of lust and tribulations of longing. The astounding exuberance that emits from this tune combined with an incredible vocal range create an authentic listening experience. The lyrical content favors the company of a significant other. Thus, For Real earns a Valentine’s Bae PlayRank of ‘Romantic.’

Dreamville’s Ari Lennox brought the heat with this one. This funky and versatile groove showcases incredible capabilities carried by this DC native. The song contains multiple entendres, innuendo and downright appeal. Some unique words used were, “cavalier” and “ovation.” Certainly, the song demonstrates warmth and strong energy. Its Valentine’s Bae Playrank is ‘Sexy.’

Daughter of Jane Birkin, Charlotte Gainsbourg exhibits an illustrious quality of musical material. In this song, her wedding rendition displays the atmospheric effects of consoling within your partner. The song ramps up and gains momentum throughout much like a stream of consciousness. This meditative record generates multiple outlets of interpretation. It provides a challenge to the status quo and deserves a Valentine’s Bae PlayRank of ‘Player.’

With a smooth wit and intelligent lyrics, Girlpool delivers a pleasantly mellow song. Filled with imagery and carelessness, these two free spirited individuals share a spectacular bond. Reminiscent of a more peculiar and less traditional Dixie Chicks, this Girlpool song illustrates the hippie lifestyle. This serene song successfully obtains the Valentines Bae Playrank of ‘Mood.’

Hardly romantic, MC Lyte shattered barriers en route to becoming the first official female emcee. Her domineering persona and assertiveness ensured that her presence became felt. This song touches upon the types of hardened interior and exterior characteristics that MC Lyte might seek. Ahead of her time, MC Lyte commands respect from genuine connoisseurs of hip-hop. With uncontrollable style, stiff tactics and plenty of digits to count, Ruffneck’s Valentines Bae Playrank is ‘Player.’

This fun-loving edition of new wave sound transcends time and space. Its melody soothes the soul as each artist contributes nearly hypnotic interpretations. The song transitions smoothly as each artist travels along the track with fluid pace. Luring the audience into a trance, Kali and Jorja create kaleidoscopic imagery and demand mesmerizing attention. Essentially, it captures the euphoric feeling of becoming deeply enamored with someone you care about. Due to its exuberant nature, its Valentines Bae Playrank can be deemed as, ‘Sexy.’

Jorja Smith absolutely radiates brilliance. Consistently, she shifts intellectual perspectives and rejects traditionalism. This song delves into the naivety of young love and the corresponding invincibility. With minimalistic visuals, Jorja recreates a day of her life in France with another woman who connects with her personality. Focused upon the simple joys of living and riding the thrill of reality, this song is awarded with a Valentines Bae Playrank of ‘Mood.’

Princess Nokia utilizes her great potential in terrifically mysterious ways. As the master of her own narrative, this nonconformist regularly exemplifies the beauty of imperfection. Her urban realism and socioeconomic awareness shines through on this inquisitive record. A force to be reckoned with, Princess Nokia explores the dire and unknown aspects of her universe. This song focuses upon cozy city kids who were picked last in gym class. With all disregard for any social construct, Nokia and her acquaintances epitomize high frequencies. A truly trippy and lucid musical edition, Princess Nokia’s audible metamorphosis directly translates to the Valentines Bae Playrank of, ‘Mood.’

SZA snatches edges nearly every time she lays vocals upon the track. Top Dawg’s empowering woman dismantles the singular perceptions and assumptions associated with her. Her eclectic efforts and incredible efficiency demonstrates her knack for tapping into distinct demographics. This song disobeys the notion of being, ‘ladylike’ and embraces what makes us human: our flaws and sins. The scenic unity within the video combined with dazzling special effects elevate the song tremendously. Above all, SZA’s elegance and captivating flair merge directly onto the main stage with this, one. It has been assigned a Valentines Bae Playrank of ‘Romantic.’

Compassionate Mentions

All The Way Down – Kelela

Ride Wit Me – MC Lyte

Lets Talk About Sex – Salt n Pepa

Falling – Alicia Keys

Foolish – Ashanti

Let Me Blow Ya Mind – Eve Ft. Gwen Stefani

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