Tom MacDonald – Helluvit Review

Hip-hop as an art form no longer receives the proper recognition. Much along the lines of Tekashi 69, enter another long-haired gimmick filled artist by the name of Tom Macdonald. A former pro wrestler, MacDonald also performs for his “GFBF” duo, a band formulated with his significant other, Nova Palohek.

“Helluvit” does not change the landscape of hip-hop whatsoever. Rather than advancing the genre, this type of song creates damage. Tom Macdonald displays an unprecedented type of gimmickry. Other than appearance, his movement facilitates the discussion of “mumble rap” versus “old school hip-hop.” Clearly, Macdonald does not fall within either of these categories as his music follows cadence with logical words that make absolutely no sense.

His formula utilizes the expression of a false sense of introspection upon a smooth and familiar beat structure. Macdonald contradicts himself often whereas he dispels drug usage but then uses it as a trendy lyric within the chorus. Regardless, both Macdonald and his girlfriend were officially cancelled after this Facebook rendition of Despacito.

Macdonald’s collaborative efforts for GFBF have seen the releases of tracks like I’m Not Well Rejects and Pillz. Nova Rockafeller came to America from Edmonton and her burgeoning career appeared opportunistic. She has since decided to join Macdonald for their lackluster combination of GFBF. Violent J of the Insane Clown Posse expressed dismay for her choices.

Tom Macdonald does not differentiate himself from the next artist because his sole purpose relies on monetary gains. It is apparent and this video gives exact context to the types of lines that exist solely to absorb the space of a song.

“I tried to tell them that it’s complicated // I could write a novel about getting faded // but the conscious fans are gonna fucking hate it // and the wavy kids are gonna love to play it. // So I write a song that’s got a message in it // and the wavy kids are saying it’s pathetic // but the conscious fans thinks its awesome man // they comment like man I really get it.”

This song is difficult to follow and rides a terrible wave of controversy, mumble rap and gimmickry.

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