Sir Commemorates 1 Year TDE Membership with Debut Album, “November.”

From humble beginnings, Sir Darryl Farris maintains a strenuous work ethic. Through the ranks of songwriting, consistent growth and energetic connections, his time has come. January 19th officially marks the one year anniversary for this purely confident Top Dawg Entertainment artist. To appropriately commemorate the milestone, the soulful genius plans to release his debut album, “November.” Without a doubt, this January release features icy frigid visuals with warm and kinetic movements.

Notably, Ab-Soul strongly motivated Sir and influenced his ability to expand creatively. By emulating the likeness of Ab-Soul, Sir exhibits growth, inner vision and awareness. The groove resides within the heart and Sir does not lack in the romance department. His newest album explores conceptual themes based around the aura of different intimate conquests. Much to the projection of SZA, Sir combines elements of rhythm in a mystical manner that provides contextual cognizance. Certainly, the maturation process within Top Dawg’s camp proliferates at an extremely higher rate than other labels.

Reason being, the rotation of instrumentation and talented blends of intellect balance each other swiftly at TDE. As a well-oiled machine, the roots and base layers engrained within the foundation make it possible for all artists to thrive. In terms of capabilities, the extensive range of eclectic sounds provides ultimate fusion and union between a balanced roster. Every artists possesses harmony and each brings exclusive ability coupled with an unmatched desire to progress and improve.

As a matter of fact, J.LBS, a key producer and striving individual for TDE’s camp hosts a few production credits on, November. Sir shared brilliant chemistry with nine different producers. Of prominence, Sir recruited producers Andre Harris and D.K. The Punisher for a few tracks as well. The execution standards and processes being constructed by all those involved at T.D.E. speaks volumes for our generation.

Sir asserts his activity within multiple different spheres of influence. Recently, he featured on a song with Anna Wise and collaborated with 9th Wonder for a twelve track song collection. His album, November brings the listener on a neo-soul tinged space odyssey. The dark R&B conceptual aesthetic features soul blends that strike at the inner core of the audience. In order to accept one’s flaws, Sir preaches the importance of romantic security.

Along the harmonious journey, a wingwoman by the name of, “K” accompanies the album. The female robotic companion provides system checks, progress alerts and emotional comfort. To sum it up, “K” gives November’s narrative a cohesive binding.

Besides that, November emphasizes the intersection of pride and heart. To truly feel emotions within the present, Sir creates understanding of entire contextual bodies of time. Between love and leaving, Sir navigates through the present and peels back layers of romantic encounters with potency.

Sir, the soulful LA purist, evolved his craft and reflects Kendrick-esque progressive ability. Overall, the calm beginning and eruptive route Sir embarks upon resembles Kendrick’s determinative traits. With cozy vibes, icy crystal tundras and spine-chilling sounds, Sir clearly blended together elements of a masterpiece. This album provides visual clarity and represents paramount advancement for a devoted individual. Sir and Miguel travel to Portland, Oregon on February 22nd to begin the North American War and Leisure tour.

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