Mila J Revibes Her Vibrant Career in “20GreatTeen”

Jamila Akiko Chilombo, the oldest of five siblings, became predisposed to musical ability at a young age. Her family (which includes Jhene Aiko) surrounded her with musical inclination. Although, Jamila preferred dancing due to her high energy level and short attention span. After a brief cameo as a backup dancer in Prince’s video for Diamonds & Pearls, Mila J formed the dance troupe, Gyrl with Chris Stokes.

If At First You Don’t Succeed…

After several failed attempts to formulate a group that gained star traction, Mila J took a hiatus. This, of course, followed the postponement and shelving of her debut album, Split Personality which hosted a feature from Marques Houston. Upon her 2012 return, Jamila ditched her soft and feminine “Mila J” likeness in favor of “Japallonia” an aggressive, rough around the edges persona.

As a signee of Motown Records, Mila J experienced hardships throughout countless musical endeavors. It took her several years, but after a refreshing reevaluation of her priorities, Mila decided to part ways with Motown in 2017.

Brazen Confidence

As a sexy and edgy performer, Mila J displays brash, natural confidence. Her music nourishes the soul and satisfies fans who crave boundary pushers with artistic variety.

On April 7th, 2017 Mila’s first individual output, “Dopamine” received quite the positive reception. Notably, the project based its structure upon Daniel J Levitin’s book, “This Is Your Brain on Music.”

Mila J outsources music that resembles afrocentric electro-soul vibes. The adaptation of her personal style decisions can be directly attributed to the fluidity of her water sign, Scorpio. Last Valentine’s Day, she surprised fans with a mixtape cleverly titled, MILAULONGTIME.

Mila J’s flourishing career can be attributed to years of persistence, dedication and familiarity with best self-interest. Through all of the hardships and differentials, Mila stuck with her passion and it has paid off. Her major inspirations are Janet Jackson, Mya and Brandy.

“You go to her shows, she’s gon’ have a million dancers—lights, camera, action. It was just cool to see a female dancing and singing.” Mila on Janet


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