How Meek Mill’s Prejudiced Arraignment Ignited a Fire Under the Eagles

Music and sports carry an impermeable bond between each other. The connection revolves around the impenetrable characteristic that each medium provides: the art of storytelling. Temporarily, these dynamic forms of entertainment stimulate an emotional release by providing an outlet into another realm.

One Thing About Music…

Simply put, certain music provides a catalyst for chemistry. Especially, if the artist represents a similar struggle. In regards to mass communication, sporting events yield the ideal scenario for music to be broadcasted. Globally, athletic venues compile a playlist of songs that simultaneously “pump up” both the athletes and the stadium goers.

Arguably, Meek Mill’s “Dreams & Nightmares” album contains the best introduction song in hip-hop history. Raw and unabridged, the song carries countless connotations.

Institutional Barriers

In early November, Philadelphia Judge Geneice Brinkley made the decision to sentence Meek Mill to another prison sentence of two to four years.

Undoubtedly biased, Brinkley has presided over Meek’s criminal proceedings since 2008. Originally, his current legal issues stem from a weapon and drugs charge for which he served eight months.

Documentedly, Brinkley crossed ethical boundaries on several occasions with the favors she has suggested of Meek Mill, off the record.

Irreversible Truth

Regardless, Meek Mill proved the immeasurable amount of power he holds through the timeless musical classics he consistently churns out.

As of mid November, the city of Philadelphia rallied behind 350,000 petition signatures to release Meek Mill due to the ongoing unfair and heavy handed criminal justice system.

Amongst those in attendance were Julius Erving, Rick Ross along with Philadelphia Eagles players Malcolm Jenkins and Torrey Smith.

Meek MIll’s incarceration and subsequent bail denial provided a spark for the city of Philadelphia. The Dreams & Nightmares Intro laid the foundation for the unification and passionate mid-season revival of the Philadelphia Eagles.

“With Meek, man, it’s a Philly vibe, Philly is his hometown. That’s where his people reside. We’re just bringing that culture, that hype, to our football field.” Rashard Davis

“Meek is an icon in every NFL locker room,” “And he’s definitely an icon to folk like me, who know what it’s like to come from struggle, know what it’s like to grind and just know what it’s like to overcome obstacles.” Torrey Smith

Much to the tune of the New Orleans Saints post-Katrina (2010), the Eagles flipped a negative situation into inspiration and motivation. These cohabiting characteristics proved as a testament to the Eagles resilience and ultimate Super Bowl victory.

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