Rapper Slash Actor – Mack Wilds

Tristan “Mack” Wilds reigns from the Stapleton Projects in Staten Island, New York. As a youngster in his father’s barbershop on Richmond Road, he shared a personal space with prominent hip-hop icons like Method Man of the Wu-Tang Clan. With guidance from the greats, familial musical background and and influential environment, Tristan Wilds embraces the bright lights of New York City with open arms.

A Natural Born Actor

Wilds began acting at the age of seven and by the age of fifteen Spike Lee cast him as, “AJ” in the mini series titled, “Miracle’s Boys.” On set, he shared scenes with Julito McCullum, and these two would eventually be cast together for the cult-classic HBO series, “The Wire.”

On the show, Tristan plays the character of Michael Lee, who symbolizes the struggle synonymous with Baltimore adolescents. The significance of his character becomes increasingly important as the show consequentially unfolds. The perceived effectiveness that “Mike” asserts throughout the show directly correlates to the enthrallment experienced by the audience. Audience engagement coupled with a highly significant role caused a drastic spike in his popularity.

Following the conclusion of, “The Wire” Mack proceeded to propel into exhilarating acting opportunities. On 90210, he portrayed teenage heartthrob, “Dixon Wilson” exemplifying the range of capabilities that he personifies.

Thus, Tristan’s persona blossomed and prospective acting opportunities continued to grow roots. Wilds starred alongside Queen Latifah on the “Secret Life of Bees”, became the subject of Adele’s longing in the “Hello” video and even played Jay-Z’s nephew in the video for ‘Roc Boys.’

Change of Pace

While the entertainment industry continued to shower Mack with blessings, he aimed to fulfill an alternate trajectory. Through incredible exposure on television and in movies, this multitalented creative flipped his career to focus upon soulful hip-hop and R&B.

In today’s society, transitions from one industry into another are often met with difficulty. Some obstacles posed along the transitional journey include marginalization, skepticism and doubt. Rather than disclose information to news outlets regarding this shift, Mack privately immersed himself within the music.

Following an inspirational encounter at the BMI awards in Los Angeles, Mack decided to embark upon his musical journey. Mack met Salaam Remi and the two shared brilliant company throughout his creative process. In the past, Salaam Remi has facilitated tunes of The Fugees, Amy Winehouse and Nasir Jones.

In conjunction with the release of his 2014 debut album, “New York: A Love Story” Mack revealed a deal with Remi’s Sony Label imprint label, “Louder than Life.” The album featured production from heavyweights such as DJ Premiere, Pete Rock, and Havoc. It charted at number seven on Billboard’s US Top Heatseekers List and earned BET and Grammy nominations, respectively.

Utmost Recognition

Notably, Mack Wilds maneuvered through each industry of music and entertainment. His consistent work ethic remarkably continues to turn the head of esteemed individuals.

“I don’t think a lot of people look at me as a rapper or a singer or an actor. I just like to create as a whole. I was a natural-born creator.” (ComplexCon)

The merge between music and entertainment was carried out in complete silence by Mack Wilds. Moreover, his name modification from “Tristan” to “Mack” occurred without notice, either. Elite company recognize and respect someone who lets their maximum effort speak volumes. Especially considering the rate of efficiency and quality generated through each medium.

Mack Wilds on how the characters he has played a role influence his well-being,

“I feel like each character that I’ve created — whether it be Michael or Dixon — they all stem from real places. So how much of the character really is me, only the people who know me best would be able to understand that. But to run away from them, you can’t get away from them. You created them. That’s who you’re going to be for the rest of your life, so I think the main thing is just to establish who you are, rather than try to run away from who you are.” (NPR)

Furthermore, Wilds’ demonstrates his ability to operate as a multifunctional creative. His efforts within countless spheres of influence seem to have attracted significant consideration from former collaborator, Shawn Carter. On Tidal’s Rap Radar podcast, he announced that the development of a Roc Nation management deal. Although, hit VH1 show, “The Breaks” got cancelled, Mack Wilds belongs in the industry as a source of versatile longevity.

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