Heart of the Project Baby – Kodak Black

Undeniably, the state of hip-hop continues to ascend to unseen heights, as artists consistently evolve their craft. Most artists understand that their music represents a connection that extends just beyond themselves and their character. Insoforth, the genre of hip-hop leaped over its counterparts as the generational preference. Furthermore, each artist contributes multiple streams of talent to the genre that deserve recognition for their persistent impact.

Kodak Black (Project Baby) represents the ‘hustler’ mentality needed in order to overcome the struggle. Growing up in Pompano Beach, Florida placed Kodak in the “NOLIA” Golden Acres projects. Throughout the impoverished conditions, Kodak maintained within his household at a young age. His ability to channel aggression in coordination with introspective dexterity draws serious comparisons to Lil Wayne.

Kodak Black illustrates the harsh realities of growing up in a single parent household. Demographically, his area became overrun with low income public housing.

“Imagine this cause I ain’t have a pot to piss. Or a window to throw it out of.” (Never Imagine, KB)

Kodak Black’s appearance within the legal system are well-documented. His current arraignment provides his freedom upon certain restrictions of supervision. Kodak continues to progress upon his own terms and supply quality musical material. Not to mention, the rate at which this, “Road Runner” discovered his rhythmic pace indicates an exponential amount of potential.

Versatility is gold. Kodak recorded first song at the ripe age of fourteen on Wale’s “Ambition” beat.  At the time, his range of vocal inflection combined with the complexity of flow spoke volumes for the someone of incredible youth. Presently, the depth of his lyrical complexity outweighs the likes of his peers.

An issue within hip-hop that does not symbolize a leap directly correlates with the lack of proper subgenres. More times than not, rhythmic hip-hop artists find themselves categorized altogether. For instance, Rock&Roll has several subgenres meanwhile hip-hop has carries the weight of one label. Distinctions and categories only achieve so much. Ultimately, the music determines the type of momentum experienced by the audience and vice versa.

Kodak Black embarked upon his “Project Baby” tour on October 21st. His prolific streak of mixtapes and albums projected him unto the Billboard Top 200 and earned him a nomination for “Best New Artist” at the MTV Music Awards. With rhythms and cadences, Kodak creates content with evocative imagery. His lyrical nihilism, obstinate work ethic and hunger situate him squarely atop his surrounding colleagues.


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