NIKEiD Tests New Customization Process with Augmented Reality

Nike continues to push the boundaries of modern design, with a new iteration of its popular customization program, NIKEiD.

In conjunction with tech company SmartPixels, Nike has installed a prototypical process that enables real time sneaker visualization prior to actual creation called NIKEiD Direct Studio.

NIKEiD’s direct studio workspace utilizes a hologram to superimpose a computer-generated image. Upon initialization, the client chooses between models like the Nike Air Force 1, Cortez or Lunar EpicLow, before being allowed to reinvent the physical presence of a sneaker. Then, the real time live design configurator creates a clear and immediate representation of the product.

The entire process allows the audience to craft a sneaker with personal touch, thus creating increased satisfaction through an unrivaled experience.

NIKEiD Direct Studio will be available during a six-month trial run exclusively at Niketown London’s Parisian flagship. Check out the video below for a brief teaser into the program.

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