NOAH + BBC = Bee Line

The founder of NOAH, Brendan Babenzien formerly manned the creative direction of Supreme. Today, he has been anointed with the creative direction of an upcoming Billionaire Boys Club collection.

The BBC Bee Line attire contains sustainably sourced fabrics in the form of sweaters, sweat pants, rugby shirts, a coach jacket, and hats.

This complex carousel of apparel represents Babenzien’s free thinking vision that challenges controversial practices.

His anti-corporate stance continues to evolve and makes a remarkable impact on consumers.

“Your money is a weapon, how you spend your money is the best way to affect change.”

NOAH illustrates the fashion industry’s transition from subversive to mainstream.

Drawing from Tom Tom Club’s Genius of Love, NOAH formed an Army of Lovers. This group symbolizes a theoretical hate of large corporate entities against the common working class.

These ethically made garments are available now and can be browsed online.

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