Nike continues to impress with their “What The” series that blends different colorways, patterns and thematic elements.

Notably, their most recent hybrid sneaker with Kyrie Irving has turned heads for its sequential combination of materials.

The “Kyrie S1 Hybrid” arranges a color block scheme that incorporates beige, orange, black and blue. The process by which each element became infused into the shoe represents an impressive synergy.

The spiked diamond pattern on the textured heel borrows its resemblance from the Kyrie 1. Intricate detailing seen alongside the collar and medial side of the mid-foot straps derives from the Kyrie 2. Finally, the black and blue rubber featured upon the upper toe area was comprised from segments of the Kyrie 3 model.

Nike and Kyrie Irving blended and welded together functional parts of each prior model to assemble a prolific hybrid sneaker. The polychromatic, “Kyrie S1 Hybrid” is set to release on December 8th at 10 AM.

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