Vans Links up With Shigeru Mizuki for GeGeGe no Kitaro Sneaker Launch

Vans united with renown Japanese cartoonist, Shigeru Mizuki for its most recent footwear collaboration.

Vans is kickin it, “Old Skool” with this one as the sneakers pay tribute to the historic manga series, “GeGeGe no Kitaro.” The show focuses upon folklore creatures known as “Yokai” who belong to spirit monsters.

To pay homage, Vans embellished images of the characters throughout the sturdy sneaker. The black and yellow checkerboard pattern are common for Vans (Peanuts) but the contextual imagery utilized on these pair make them highly distinguished.

Furthermore, this “Old Skool” co-branded capsule features long sleeved shirts and six panel caps to coincide with the overarching theme.

Currently, the collection is available in limited quantity @VansJapan.

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