UPDATE (01/04/2018) — 

At FreshNews, we exist to put you up on game. The most notable upcoming trend revolves around the color YELLOW.

We observed Kanye’s Calabasas collection and the Yeezy Boost V2 350 coated in frozen yellow. Additionally, Russell Westbrook centered the crux of his HTG collection upon shades of yellow and hues of orange.

VLONE’s new denim editions feature circles of yellow print that read, “Live VLONE Die VLONE.”Of late, Virgil Abloh (OFF — WHITE) spoke of the weight held by channeling your creative curiosity into an obsession to finish. Virgil’s finished products consistently create distinct and ironic points of view.

His desire to recontextualize and re approach the constructs of fashion design has transcended this Chicago native to entirely new landscapes.

Once again, Abloh crafted a collection of clothes that add lifestyle layers to your wardrobe.The Off-White™ Fire Tape collection features a minimalistic range of monochromatic tones accompanied by bold yellow taping that typically represents the divide between crime scene and spectator.

The entire batch of attire consists of straightforward T-shirts, leather moto jackets, zip-up hoodies, sweatpants, accessories, sweatshirts and denim jackets.

Go pick up your pieces over at SSENSE.


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