Redesign by Reimagination: NOAH & MR. Porter Construct Style to Surround the Suit

For quite some time, a suit has been associated with momentous occasions, elegant galas or conservative formality. NOAH and Mr. Porter are determined to dispel these connotations with their sophisticated-casual capsule of tailoring, rugby shirts, hoodies and tees.

To steer clear of the “boring” connotation attached to suits, NOAH and Mr. Porter drew influence for this collaboration from the New Wave era of the 70’s and 80’s. This assortment of apparel bridges the gap between streetwear and formal wear as it expands upon typical ideas that formulate in coordination with a suit.

The chemistry between NOAH and Mr. Porter derives from their shared belief of how products should be considered and presented. The interchangeability of their products creates a natural semblance rather than a corporate connotation.

Some premiere items featured within this cultivation of clothes are color blocked chukka boots, the double breasted chalk stripe jacket and a hoodie sewn together with baby camel hair.

Noah and Mr. Porter’s complex combination of goods are currently available online.

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