Russell Westbrook Prepares to “Honor The Gift” of Fashion

Russell Westbrook’s vibrant presence within the world of fashion has emerged on various occasions. Often times, the trenches of an NBA arena prove to be a “runway” for the flyest athletes in the game. And… Russell never disappoints.

He adheres to the mantra of “Why Not?”, and has increased his fashion presence significantly since becoming the Marketing Creative Director for True Religion, followed by a number of releases with Jordan Brand.

Zany fashion choices and polarizing ensembles have finally culminated with the development of Westbrook’s own clothing line, Honor the Gift.

Russ’s debut line launches with a small unisex capsule in his NBA team’s town of Oklahoma City, beginning November 11th at Penn Automotive. It consists of 8-12 pieces, including long and short sleeved T-shirts and track pants adorned with racing stripes, while colorways vary from shades of citron to tangerine.

The Honor the Gift launches Nov. 11-12 at 2104 NW 39th Street in OKC, from 2-6 P.M.

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