Action Bronson adds another cooking show to his resume LATE NIGHT SPECiAL

Action Bronson has earned recognition and has extended his brand to global audiences. His current activity extends a connection between individuals from the unlikeliest of demographics. His forays in hip-hop and fine cuisine illustrate his multiplex approach to developing his career. The former New York City chef and cookbook author has a new cooking show.

Action Bronson: spice of life

VICELAND (product of Vice Media) aims to create additional content with Action as they renewed the third season of his piquant series, “Fuck That’s Delicious.” (FTD) The show focuses on the “life and eating habits of rap’s greatest bon vivant.” Also, the show has featured renowned guests such as Mario Batalil and Michael Voltaggio.

Flavor that travels

Since the FTD third season renewal, Viceland pursued two new entertainment ventures with Action Bronson. “Hungry Hearts with Action Bronson” premiered on Aug. 30 and airs romantic episodes exclusively via Snapchat. During his “mobileTV” show, Bronson sends couples on dates that involve elegant meals, play-by-play analysis and jovial conversation.

BamBam on Late Night

On Oct. 23, the “Untitled” Action Bronson cooking show premiered on Vice Late Night programming in coordination with VICE “Munchies” kitchen.

The show adopts a laid-back, nontraditional approach that features Bronson with an array of guests from Wyclef Jean to Ronnie Coleman. With a vague title, this program describes itself as, “A little food. A lot of chaos.”

VICE Media’s purchasing power soared exponentially since recruiting Action Bronson. They teamed up with NBC, ABC/Disney, Turner Broadcasting and Snap Inc. to generate original content exclusively via Snapchat’s Discover section.

VICE’s efforts to “level-up” their brand with strong acquisitions and solid partnerships increased their marketability and caused exponential growth for all parties involved.

Bronsolino’s “Untitled” stands alongside late night partner channel, Desus & Mero, an urban source reminiscent of “Pardon the Interruption” with hot takes on cultural occurrences.

For Action Bronson’s latest tracks, make sure to listen to “Blue Chips 7000” available now on Apple Music.

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