As many of you may be aware, Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner are expecting.

Each of these individuals are steadfast entrepreneurs and monetarily tower over their counterparts.

Recently, Travis teamed up with Australian brand KSubi for a merchandise collaboration.

“We wanted to deconstruct shit”

Ksubi originated in 1999 and held their first fashion show in 2001. They are remembered for releasing 252 rats onto the fashion runway stage at their first show for “shock value.”

The ten piece set features various items with a fiery “Cactus Jack” type of aesthetic.

“Distressed jeans are a sign you’ve been through some shit, more so than a clean jean. Like I’m down to get dirty. I just wanted to keep it Texas culture—just real simple. Ready-to-wear dope shit. I just drew on the shit. Just fucking around.”

“It’s dope when a brand can captivate what’s going on with kids—it’s not out of touch.”

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