America’s perception of a boyband most likely dates back to the era when groups like NSYNC, Backstreet Boyz and 98 Degrees thrived within musical spheres. In 2017, Brockhampton illustrates its take on the connotation and structure of a “boyband.” The difference comes down to the fact that Brockhampton is far from traditional mold of a American boyband.

Brockhampton shares a diverse range of identities and are interpersonally connected. This group operates at a high rate of efficiency because each member accepts their specific role with consistency. Not every member is musically inclined, some fulfill a “behind the scenes” type of responsibility. Brockhampton is comprised of artists, coders, party promoters and website updaters. Their combined efforts and common goals have surmounted into stable work ethics and creative environments designed for flourishment.

Originally, this group’s primary source of communicative collaboration was the Internet. Many of the guys worked regular 9-5 jobs and would produce beats and/or records during their downtime. Brockhampton materialized via online hip-hop forum, “Kanye to The” and would submit information to each other via e-mail.

Brockhampton intends to redefine the structure of hip-hop through heavy bass, controversy, sex and pain. They have gathered inspiration from the likes of Wu Tang Clan and Odd Future as they steer themselves away from the title of “collective.” The members began to fully coexist once they all moved from San Marcos, Texas to South Los Angeles. They refer to their house in L.A. as a factory that yields songs, videos and all types of inclusive and productive projects.

The group really started to gain some traction when popular member, Kevin Abstract landed himself on the ticket for Tyler the Creator’s “Camp Flog Gnaw.” Each and every moment, Brockhampton continues to progress. They have programmed their own mobile app, designed unique merchandise and launched their own tour.

Brockhampton moves at an infinitely efficient pace. Their members sacrifice hours of sleep in order to shift it into another gear and maintain an abundant output of music. Their music defies all genres through its ability to obliterate cultural norms and stereotypes. The embrace of ultimate self-acceptance has led this boyband to resonate with the American public.

Brockhampton have grown to defy the conventional stigma of a boyband. This group sustains success with an authentic movement, in-house production and dynamic camaraderie.

Catch their show, “American Boyband” every Thursday at 10:30, on VICELAND.


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