Mike Will Made It

Mike Will Made It came up from Marietta, Georgia and distinguishes himself as the last of a dying breed. Producers do not earn near the amount of credit or revenue that artists accrue, despite similar, if not more rigorous, work schedules. It did not take long for this self-made super-producer to figure out his path. Since dropping out of Georgia State University with a 3.1 GPA, Mike took advantage of the technical tools made available throughout his tenure.

As an adolescent, Mike persuaded his father to purchase a sampler for him. Although, Mike’s father insisted upon sports and education, music became the foundation of his son’s livelihood. Mike Sr. works at IBM, but used to DJ at 70’s clubs. Mike’s mother, Shirley, was once a talented gospel singer for Dottie Peoples. These fine people instilled education, culture and knowledge in their son. Certainly, they aspired for their son to attain a college graduation, but he embarked upon a different course.

Sound Production

Mike began sonic experimentation with his sister’s Casio MT-520 keyboard. This particular piece of equipment was slightly damaged and not all of the keys functioned properly. Eventually, Mike adopted the process of “ear-drumming” by which he would hear songs on the radio and then proceeded to play it back on the keyboard. By age fourteen, Mike had learned how to make a beat following a minor tutorial from a representative at Mars Music in Atlanta.

Three years later, Mike Will found himself laying down beat productions for Atlanta star, Gucci Mane. The two became acquainted at Patchwerk Studios, founded by a former Atlanta Falcons’ player. During the year 2007, Mike Will and Gucci Mane collaborated on track after track. Once, in a three-day span, the duo created 20 songs together. Their talented personas and militant work ethics fused a dynamic union.

As documented, Gucci Mane experienced hardships and spent months at a time in correctional facilities. At the time, the next Atlanta artists to rise from the underground went by the names Tity Boi and Future the Meathead. Presently, they are referred to as 2 Chainz and Future. Mike Will Made It executed a pivotal role as producer and facilitator for each of these artists.

Mike Will – The “Chameleon”

Distinct efforts as a music mogul distinguish Mike as a super-producer who possesses more than just one trick of the trade. Production across multiple genres garnered him a contract with Interscope Records and the reputation of being a “chameleon” of a producer who could work in more than one music genre. His collaboration with Miley Cyrus aided her crossover from country/pop to hip-hop.

Mike Will Made It assumes much more responsibility than his title of “producer” might imply. As the founder and C.E.O. of Ear Drummer Records, Mike facilitates the affairs of his label and production company.

The most popular Ear Drummers’ artists to date, Rae Sremmurd, adopted the label’s name, just in reverse order. Their hit song “Black Beatles” captivated social media with the frozen stance known as, “The Mannequin Challenge.”

In short, this producer refuses to assign his abilities to a single purpose. This fact remains evident as time goes on and Mike Will continues to progress toward superstardom. He revived Juicy J’s career with strip club sensation, “Bands A Make Her Dance.” With production credits  from megastars like Beyonce, Jay-Z, Kendrick Lamar and Rihanna, Mike Will Made It has ensured that his creations are synonymous with legendary performers.

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