WIKI: No Mountains in Manhattan

Patrick Morales’ father is Puerto Rican and his mother is Irish. His diverse background, nasal tone, and rugged vocal dexterity have brought his artistry to the forefront of New York hip-hop. Since splitting from his original group Ratking in 2015, Morales, a.k.a. Wiki, has released two individual projects.

“No Mountains in Manhattan”

After acquiring an individual deal with XL Recordings, Wiki immersed himself in a new realm of New York hip-hop. His dynamic re-appraisal of self can be observed throughout the cohesive unit that is “No Mountains in Manhattan.” NMIM debuted on Aug. 25, with a guest feature from Ghostface Killah and production features from Kaytranada and Earl Sweatshirt. Wiki tried his own hand at production on this project for the song “Nutcracker.”

The rapper’s previous project, “Lil Me” highlighted singular vignettes. Now, Wiki’s lyrical output encompasses New York City. He relates the grittiness that is found in every aspect of the city. No place in the world can compare to New York City, and Wiki’s constant craving for humanity and universal contact further exemplifies this fact.

The City Builds Character(s)

The trope that this project consistently uses relies upon the city and its relationship to character. The city is a character in and of itself, all the while, the city persistently builds character via dilemmas and scenarios.

Wiki unpacks the problems that many city denizens encounter in depth. With the city serving as the epicenter for this setting-based album, Wiki gives his audience a blend of nostalgic sounds and samples that are rejuvenated by his unique lyrical engagement.

New York to the Core

Wiki’s sound is full of NY flavor and his heralded voice cleverly connects those who experience disjunction as a counterpart of New York living. Wiki amalgamates sounds that span generations and his album symbolizes the turning point between underground and mainstream.

Wiki remains firmly cemented in the underground scene of New York hip-hop. As Wiki seeks momentary solutions to temporary problems, his audience gains a collection of songs that display unmatched brilliance. Wiki’s unfiltered approach and resulting reactionary tales contribute to his appeal.

Constant Juxtaposition

As a character, the city can be aloof and unsympathetic. The apex of Wiki’s relationship with the city can be described as symbiotic and discordant. Certainly, Wiki benefits from the cultural icons, hip-hop roots and bustling environment that New York provides. But, the city’s divergent nature and cut-throat conditions provide a fair share of dissonance as well.

To hear how Wiki elucidates his metaphorical prowess, check out “No Mountains in Manhattan” on Apple Music.

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