“If I Didn’t Say It’s Me You Would Prob Think It’s Sting”: Action Bronson’s VICELAND Show, Blue Chips 7000 +

At 33 years old, and nearly 300 pounds, Flushing Queens native, Action Bronson produces an abundance of creation. Therefore, this bearded Albanian exists as a man of many trades. Bronson seamlessly fuses hip-hop music, culinary skills and original television programming.

Notably, Bronson has been commended for his outstanding ability to merge obscure food references neatly within the cadences of his musical output. Initially, Bronson worked as the head chef in his father’s restaurant until he suffered a broken leg in 2011.

Withstanding the heat

While out of kitchen commission, Action found a niche within the art form of hip-hop. At 26 years old, the former chef put his culinary credentials on wax with an aptly titled mixtape, “Bon Appetit…Bitch!

Fast forward six years, Action Bronson’s stardom has skyrocketed at exponential levels. Certainly, he has shared his gripes with labelmate Warner Brothers as a byproduct of their reluctance to cooperate with release dates. All in all, Bronson’s deal with VICE and Warner Brothers has yielded groundbreaking opportunities.


VICELAND just renewed the third season of Bronson’s captivating series, “F*ck That’s Delicious.” FTD details the escapades of Action Bronson and associates Mayhem Lauren, Big Body Bes and Alchemist. Collectively, the group travels globally to consume music, marijuana and delectable specialties.

VICELAND originated through a joint venture with A&E Networks and VICE Media. Consequently, the company inherited the rights to H2, a spinoff of the History channel. With this additional platform, VICELAND launched, “Traveling the Stars: Ancient Aliens with Action Bronson and Friends.”

Due to the barrage of impressions generated from the Ancient Aliens spinoff, VICELAND continued to indulge the efforts of Action Bronson. His mobile series, “Hungry Hearts with Action Bronson” premiered its first of eight romantic episodes on Aug. 30, via Snapchat.

Hip-Hop frontiersman

Above all else, Action Bronson represents authenticity and the utmost dedication to his craft. His carefully constructed verses blend braggadocio with self-examination. His free-spirited approach to hip-hop establishes esoteric soundscapes.

Bronson has diversified his culinary portfolio and became a seasoned hip-hop veteran. Most importantly, he delivers his music with clever, off-kilter punchlines. The lyrics arrive as a stream-of-consciousness that provide both bizarre and rejuvenating scenarios.

“Blue Chips 7000”

The third installment of his Blue Chips mixtape series, “Blue Chips 7000,” is upbeat and bombastic. Eclectic sounds are inspired by Austrian jazz-rock, Nigerian highlife, Thai funk and Italian lounge-groove records. Obscure samples combined with vile lyrics and dirtbaggery, formulate an enthralling album for Bronson’s faithful following.

Bronson’s charismatic personality and elaborate background are some of the primary reasons for his triumphs. Thus, Bronson continues to extract significant fascination from the masses. He performs his role with ease, although his work ethic proves to be rigorous.

Bronson headlined the “End of an Era” show for the closing of Webster Hall Aug. 10. If recent happenings are any indication, it is fair to expect a grandiloquent future for the artistic endeavors of Action Bronson.

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