Discovery Channel: 6LACK

Ricardo Valentine, better known as 6LACK, has emerged upon the Atlanta R&B scene in an unorthodox and intriguing manner.

Reigning from Zone 6, this artist launched his career as a battle rapper. Consequently, in high school, challengers would request his presence within a freestyle session. Indeed, 6LACK credits his battle rap beginning for his current confidence and ability to avoid pretense.

Testing Limitations

After dropping out of Valdosta State University in 2011, 6LACK signed to his first independent record deal. However, the strain and tension that accompanied his record deal drove him to near extinction. Simply, the record executives situated their focus upon making hit records and deployed a very small-minded approach.

Rather than conforming to the likes of his unnamed label, 6LACK remained “caged” and refused to submit to the standards subjected upon him. Nevertheless, to develop a personal brand and receive proper recognition, he went against the terms of his contract and released music on his own.

Breaking Free

Notably, his songs on Soundcloud attracted the masses and 6LACK’s following began to gain traction. To date, hit song “PRBLMS” has been streamed over 30 million times.

6LACK, a multifaceted phenomenon, inhabits varying realms of influence. From the jump, he loved to draw and battle rap. Since, he has learned to harness different forms of vitality to remain relatable and fascinating.

Mass Appeal

In fact, “Relatable” served as the drawing board focus word when 6LACK constructed his debut album, “FREE 6LACK.” His dark, trap-infused aesthetic accentuates his nontraditional nature. Above all, the eleven track collection delineates his hypnotic melodies and introverted identification.

Near death experiences, struggles to maintain and record label nightmares have driven this artist toward a better environment. For this reason, his meteoric rise directly correlates with his innate ability to break out of comfort zones. Thus, 6LACK refuses to become an industry plant and differentiates himself with indestructible self-worth.

Exterior Forces

This profound introvert garnered inspiration from the likes of Sade. Truly rooted in R&B, 6LACK aims to deliver a message that endures the test of time. Certainly, he has executed the right steps to ensure his longevity within his genre.

After struggles to reach a collective agreement, 6LACK took his talents to a new record label, Love Renaissance. With this in mind, LVRN was founded in 2012 and hosts fellow Atlanta native, Raury as a part of their collective.

This wordsmith has his sights set on consistency, confidence and quality. As a result, his proprietary stance toward his music has generated a booming presence. Inclined to remain in complete control of his creative output,  he takes a patient approach.

His personal lyrical content burrows below surface level in the form of dazed slow jams. Without limitations, 6LACK has managed to truly climb through the beginner’s ranks and level the R&B playing field.

6LACK Pronounced Black

6LACK’s abundance of sound represents his intricate career design. Relatability and reactivity sells records within the modern age of instant gratification. The diverse array of content clearly displays an awareness of the connectivity between artist and audience. Through marketable strategies and an admiration for his craft, this Zone 6 native is determined to impact his faithful following.

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