A$AP Ferg’s distinguished career and climb to superstardom are direct results of seized opportunities. Since a pre-teen, Darold Ferguson Jr. aimed for expressive prominence.

Product of God Given Talent

His father, Darold Sr., used to own an Uptown boutique store and designed the logo for “Bad Boy” and “Uptown” records. While his father lived and after his passing, Ferg became determined to carry out his father’s legacy through various artistic mediums.

As a coping mechanism, Ferg picked up the paintbrush to conquer the grief of losing his father. The complicated color schemes and practice of painting proved to be a source of therapeutic exertion. Consequently, Ferg’s clairvoyant nature emerged through the performance of throwing paint onto a canvas.

Ferg’s Ambitious Start

Before Ferg became recognized amongst hip-hop’s elite, he got his shine as a belt designer. His brand, Devoni, materialized as a side hustle in 2005 and represented his keen interest in accessories.

After years of persistence, Ferg came into contact with two important individuals, Mike and Oosh. These guys dominated belt industry sales for more than thirty years and Ferg’s idea sparked a revitalization. Once the idea evolved into a physical product, celebrities like Chris Brown and Swizz Beatz purchased Devoni belts.

Living Without a Comfort Zone

To label A$AP Ferg as a rapper would simply be unfair and untrue. Certainly, he raps in conjunction with his A$AP conglomerate and other frequent collaborators.

A far more appropriate label to dub Ferg would be, “pioneer.” His groundbreaking ideas have shifted the paradigms of New York culture.

In the landscape of today’s hip-hop scene, artists must manufacture fresh and original content to remain multidimensional. Since inauguration, the A$AP Mob provided quality in several forms of performance. Their cooperative focus seems to occupy every realm of music and fashion.

Friends Before The Ends

Before the fame, the artists shared previous associations and experiences. Basically, the foundation in place prior to stardom yielded respect, strength and unity. The intricate friendships in coordination with mutual tendencies led these individuals to pursue a collective goal.

Originally, A$AP Ferg fixated his gaze upon becoming an artist, in the literal and visual sense. His transition from art school and paintings to stages and theatres has been monumental.

His most recent project, “Still Striving” places Ferg firmly ahead of the curve. Ferg’s previous release, “Always Strive and Prosper,” deeply detail self-reflection and the struggles Ferg encountered during his hip-hop inception.

Mixtape or Album?

“Still Striving” thrives upon experimental and contemporary sounds that are bound to fare well within nightclubs. This project aroused speculation and discussion surrounding the difference between a mixtape and an album.


Ferg has declared, “Still Striving” a mixtape which is evident from the sounds of its vivacious and energetic nature.

This mixtape exhibits Ferg’s innate ability to balance gleeful ignorance with tedious perfectionism. As his style equates to substance, Ferg has reached a point where his audience clings to every new verse.

During the process of crafting this mixtape, Ferg adopted an “open door policy” to collaborative connections. This approach generated free flows of perspectives, sounds and constructive design processes. Ferg’s creative preparedness knocks down the barriers in place that may thwart creative black artists.

Distinguished Characteristics

The glaring difference between Ferg and other artists derives from his relentless work ethic. His ability to form original thoughts, craft skeletal outlines and execute complex sounds, symbolize advancement that gives Ferg an artistic advantage.

Ferg contributed to a philanthropic effort with his clothing brand, Trap Lord and Uniform in West Point, Liberia. Each article of Trap Lord clothing purchased amounted to one uniform for the children in Liberia.

A$AP Ferg truly emulates skillful craftsmanship through every one of his artistic endeavors. A modern day Harlem Renaissance man, Ferg “strives” toward black excellence. This visionary artist has established himself within the mediums of designer fashion, custom apparel and metaphoric song. His creative ambition and motivational purpose transcends our generation.\

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