The A$AP Mob graced the stage on the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon. The visual rendition for new song, “Feel$ $o Good” depicts rambunctious energy and exuberance.

The “Mob” mentality is on full display throughout this video and provides the audience with an unfamiliar viewpoint. Certainly, the A$AP faithful are subscribers to multilayered productions with several scenes, storylines and vivid imagery. This video proves slightly unfamiliar since it was shot all in one take.

The video deserves recognition for its demonstrative ability to shift culture. This collective does not feel required to adhere to the standards set by hip-hop producers and/or consumers. They have a distinct collaborative vision and together they prove their ability to set trends, break barriers and explore new landscapes.

“Feel$ $o Good” takes place on a photo shoot set in a spacy setting that resembles a warehouse. The lo-fi, grainy, and disorganized scene parallels a ‘posse cut’ on a soundstage.

The rollout presented for this song possesses a tri fold purpose. The song, accompanied with a lively video, became the first single off of the upcoming A$AP compilation and premiered on Fallon.

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