A$AP Twelvyy 212 Kicks Knowledge and Game on 12 [ALWAYS STRIVE X PROSPER]

Mind Body & Spirit

Every once in a generation, there comes a group of artists that accurately represent greatness. A$AP Twelvyy is one of those artists.

The key to the existence of the A$AP Mob lies within the idea of equality among members. They understand that each individual offers special characteristics.

Therefore, the A$AP conglomerate demands attention for each voice that represents their mantra, “Always Strive and Prosper.”

Ever prosperous, A$AP Twelvyy has paid dividends with his patience and entrepreneurial spirit. With all of the music hype, it is easy to overlook the alternative ventures that this collective unit pursues.

Big Spender

Certainly, most know that Rocky has been the face of many popular designer fashion campaigns such as Dior Homme. A$AP Twelvyy also contributes to the cause through the realm of fashion, culture and style.

To date, A$AP Twelvyy has only released one album. Seemingly, his debut album, 12 would become the “Best New York album heard in years.” Twelvyy, born Jamel Phillips,  overcame the struggles of his upbringing and his career  and is a testament of perseverance. For instance, A$AP Rocky and A$AP Ferg were bound to have prolific careers but they aren’t the only two members. Twelvyy understood that his time would come.

In the meantime, Twelvyy sharpened his skills. For instance, impressive guest features elevated his ability to fine tune his craft. It is imperative for an artist like Twelvyy to set a convenient pace to gather a full understanding of the collective vision.

A$AP was co-founded by the late A$AP Yams (real name Steven Rodriguez), who succumbed to a drug overdose in January 2015. The efforts of Rodriguez resulted in a multi-million dollar agreement with Polo Grounds Music, a subdivision of Sony/RCA Records. These artists continually provide their audience with rejuvenated techniques and devotion to music.

Twelvyy’s Commandments

A$AP Twelvyy seems to understand that good things come to those who wait. This album’s distinct quality comprises authentic accounts of his upbringing. Accordingly, his album defines the everyday struggle and the hustle that goes with it.

Originally structured for a 2016 release, “12” received proper fine-tuning by way of a leak-proof album rollout. Throughout the album, Twelvyy touches upon his appreciation for the guiding presences in his life.


In any event, this album took nearly ten years to fully unfold. Along the way, Twelvyy dealt with setbacks and channeled negative energy to transform his entire mentality.


Meanwhile, after a brief hiatus from hip-hop, Beast Coast affiliates, Flatbush Zombies inquired about Twelvyy’s presence on tour.  His tenacious verses perpetually entertained masses of genuine hip-hop aficionados. Twelvyy used intellectual strength and ambition to strive toward prominence.

Grind, Strive, Prosper, Repeat

The majority of hip-hop admirers share a vested interest in the diverse aspects of an artist’s career. Furthermore, A$AP Twelvyy is a character who enjoys anime, drugs, playing basketball and streetwear.

As a matter of fact, his clothing brand, “Last Year Being Broke” (L.Y.B.B), transcends his vital message to steadily improve yourself at all costs. L.Y.B.B. formed a subdivision called “First Year Being Rich,” which has earned an equal amount of fashion supremacy.

Far from an overnight success, Twelvyy symbolizes the foundation of the A$AP Mob. In addition, his grind, approach and anticipation deserve recognition. Twelvyy is well on his way to discovering his purpose in hip-hop.

At any rate, A$AP Ferg’s “Still Striving” is scheduled for release  August 18, and “Cozy Tapes Volume 2: Too Cozy,” becomes  available August 24.

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