Playboi Carti teetered on the brink of becoming an enigma during his beginning stretch in the hip-hop industry. Carti cultivated obscure popularity through Soundcloud’s extensive independent streaming service. For years, Carti remained mysterious and secluded, determined to release music on his own terms.

He strayed from the typical routine by dropping his self-titled debut album on April 14. Within this collection of fifteen songs, “Magnolia” glaringly stood out from the rest. It’s magnificent rise to impactful virality could be attributed to a myriad of influential factors.

Mainly, social media catapulted this song via memes, gifs and other interactive elements. Many were fascinated by star producer, Pi’erre Bourne’s remarkably unique tagline and production which appears on seven out of fifteen tracks.

Regardless, Playboi Carti emerged upon the rap scene with carefully designed maneuvers. His appropriate calculations and blatant disregard to conform thoroughly separate him from other characters within his musical realm.

A significant part of Carti’s identity relies upon his multifaceted array of designer garments. Initially, his exclusive wardrobe, slang and lifestyle that coincided created considerable allure for Carti. His sporadic releases developed a mystifying presence that ultimately drew appeal from the masses.

Infectious, club-rattling, Milly-rocking single, ‘Magnolia’ received an exceptional visual boost from HIDJI Films in early July. Its’ success derives from flashy special effects, kaleidoscopic transitions, and an enjoyable psychedelic experience.

Based in Harlem, Carti seamlessly glides in and out of nightclubs, street corners and barbershops. Notable cameos include the likes of Juelz Santana, NAV, Southside, Manolo Rose, A Boogie with Da Hoodie, Don Q, and 2 Milly.

To get the skinny on every outfit Carti donned in the video from Raf Simons to Rick Owens, navigate here.

By: Ian Romaker

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