New York has always served as the mecca for a wealth of cultural and historical capital. Thus, the area often produces its fair share of energetic influencers who initiate change and infuse unique perspectives. New York has served as the stomping grounds for legendary groups like the Wu-Tang Clan, A Tribe Called Quest and Pro Era. However, in terms of shifting the parameters of fashion culture, the most prolific group to come out of New York is the A$AP mob.

The A$AP Mob has overcome insurmountable adversity. On January 18, 2015 their visionary leader, A$AP Yams succumbed to a drug overdose. Most recently, a questionable video of co-founder A$AP Bari cycled through the news media.

The A$AP conglomerate aims to steer clear of recent misfortune with their announcement for the month of “AWGEST.” ‘AWGE’ is an internal creative agency assembled by A$AP Rocky. The four letters are not an acronym, rather they serve as a pivotal ad-lib and group moniker used by Rocky in various facets of his artistic ability.

On August 4th, A$AP Twelvyy will release his debut album, “12” which features singles such as “Strapped” and “Periodic Table.” On August 18, A$AP Ferg will release mixtape, “Still Striving” which hosts production from Pro Era’s Kirk Knight. To finalize the month, on August 25th, the collective will drop a collaborative mixtape, “Cozy Boys Volume Two: Too Cozy.”

It is clear that the last month of the summer will belong to the A$AP mob. To gain a competitive edge, the ‘AWGE’ team will update forums with new content in the form of visuals and curated work. Their ‘Too Cozy’ tour will commence on September 23rd in Lowell, Massachusetts.

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