21 Savage premiered his debut album, “Issa” on July 7. The fourteen track debut album incorporates spectacular production without any featured artists. 21 Savage claims to have trademarked the copyright for the term, “Issa.” Certainly, the idiom has gained marketability directly in correlation with his usage of the phrase.

This time around, 21 Savage supplies his fanbase with different perspectives that outline his familiar personality. Generally, this artist is known to be very ominous but, on this album, rays of light shine through with rhythmic patterns and adaptable subject matter.

Superstar production comes by way of people such as Metro Boomin, Pi’erre Bourne, Wheezy, Southside, DJ Mustard and Zaytoven. 21 Savage individually produced a quality record on the song, “Bank Account.” Alex Tumay, Young Thug’s engineer mixed and mastered these of songs for “Issa”. His song of the same name, “Issa” is set to feature Drake and Young Thug once it streams.


The interesting factor this album brings forth is the integration of pleasure and pain. 21 Savage terrifically contrasts the glories of sex and money with the demons of pain and torment that he experiences.

With menacing beats and somber imagery, 21 manages to blur the lines between fact and fiction in his current reality. A dark aura and deadpan style serves as the influential element of this Epic Records affiliate’s persona.

Official Recognition

The efforts of the Slaughter Gang leader have not gone unnoticed, with a notable nod from legendary MC, Jay-Z. Although, nowhere near as lyrically nuanced and detailed, 21 Savage wins over listeners with relatable and accountable stories.

Many accounts on, “Issa” implement historical figures made famous via cinema. 21 Savage mentions Mad MaxShawshank Redemption and Training Day in various contexts.

Despite fresh sounds and apt references, repetitive hollowness begins to creep in. To truly enjoy this album, one must consume it at face value and accept all positive aspects of the offering.

A “Savage” Dilemma

21 Savage is spiteful and candid. He can be boastful, yet reflective. He can be overzealous, but he does not miss a beat. His grimy tales represent his survivalist nature that has birthed an escalating career.

A lot of things change in one year. That is the amount of time that 21 Savage allowed for his audience to fully digest his last project. Almost an entire year later, and “Issa” has manifested an entirely new three dimensional Savage outlook.

21 capitalizes upon tenacious delivery with acidic undertones. His brutal and uncompromising worldview has unlocked a diverse range of musical abilities.

21 possesses multidimensional splendor. His profitability is a result of attention to trending topics and popular internet sensations. Although, this artist dispels the majority of social media activity he maintains awareness of relevant phenomenons.

Cinematic Experience

In June, 21 Savage teased a new Southside-produced track–a horror themed short film, “All The Smoke.”

“Issa”, complete with fourteen tracks, also comes with a website. The “IssaShop” features merchandise that comes in collections like the, “Savage Box.” In hopes to bundle his earnings in conjunction with the album release, 21 opted for bulk packages of clothing and accessories.

“The Year 2100” cartoon poster, 2017, presented by WeBuyGold.

Animated Imagery

Recently, 21 Savage produced an apocalyptic cartoon, “Year 2100.” It will broadcast episodes sponsored in part by, “We Buy Gold.”

The inspiration for this futuristic series came from memes, depicting Savage as a super villain. An electronic, pole-dancing Siri-type assistant and a need to produce music fuels the survival of this stylish super villain.

Check out the first episode below:

A double platinum plaque, “X“, a versatile debut album, and a flourishing romance with Amber Rose. 21 Savage has it all.

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