Lonzo Ball and his Independent Sneaker Choices

A few months ago, The “Big Baller Brand” debuted its overpriced collection of merchandise. Despite the ridiculous price, the brand generated upwards of $150,000 during its first launch.

The ‘ZO2’ signature sneaker debuted at a cool $495 retail price.

The release incorporated sneakers, athletic slides, shirts and shorts. Lonzo has since been selected by the Los Angeles Lakers as the #2 overall pick.

When the Lakers played the Celtics in a summer league matchup, every seat in Staples Center sold out.

Much of the newfound attention can be directly attributed to Lonzo Ball.

It seems that every move made by the Ball conglomerate will be examined under a magnifying glass.

Thus, recent stories swirling Ball have involved his sneaker choices on the court.

Rather than opting to go with his signature sneaker for each and every game, Lonzo has diversified his options.

Recently, he was spotted wearing Kobe’s “Purple Stardust” sneakers.

“Just thought I’d switch it up,” Ball added. “Wore them tonight. It’s good when you can wear whatever you want.”

The following game, spectators witnessed Lonzo don the James Harden, “Night Life” Adidas sneaker.

“Lonzo is not forced to wear any brand and can play in any shoe he wants as long as it’s OK with the NBA. This is what being independent is all about.” -Lavar Ball


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