Under Armour Takes Rebranding Steps: Signs A$AP Rocky

Under Armour has increased it’s brand popularity by signing a plethora of outstanding young athletes.

Stephen Curry, Tom Brady. Cam Newton, Jordan Speith, Aaron Judge and now Rakim Meyers.

Rakim Meyers better known as A$AP Rocky has become a fashion icon and a hip-hop mogul.

His cultural influence spans beyond his time and he refuses to authorize an endorsement unless imminent opportunity exists.

Rocky, a.k.a. Pretty Flacko, has collaborated with the likes of Guess, Dior Homme, and Moschino.

Under Armour has struggled to reach a target demographic and this venture acknowledges the brand’s need to diversify.

Many suspect that Rocky will be responsible for a new and improved Under Armour sneaker.

What do you think of A$AP Rocky in conjunction with Under Armour? What piece of merchandise will he first influence?

Let us know in the comments below.

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