This day in history[4/7] – Why “All-AmeriKKKan Badass” is making major waves

Kendrick Lamar’s closing line on “The Heart Part IV” had most Americans convinced that new sounds from Compton’s ‘good kid’ would emerge on April 7th. Rather, America received a bright wake up call in the form of, “All AmeriKKKan Badass.” On April 7th, Kendrick seized the opportunity to announce his April 14th album release date. Joey cemented the date with historical metaphors, fascinating anecdotes and the most impressive tales of trials and tribulations. Joey Badass’ growth is eye-opening and this album completely exemplifies and embodies the plight of a young African-American male in the Donald Trump era.

The key to Joey’s advanced lyrical approach manifests from his ability to reach striking conclusions while expressing multiple different emotions. His ability to accentuate meaning by juggling scenarios allows this artist to traverse through several mediums at once while producing quality collections. The manner in which this artist gained audience connection lies within his convincing combinations of words and melodies. The central zones of emotion that Joey engaged on this album were pride and anger. Joey managed to decipher pivotal points with lyrical relevance by focusing upon vital areas of concern African-Americans face in America. There were several themes of oppression touched upon throughout Joey Bada$$’ phenomenal second studio album. The most important characteristic of this album deals directly with the manner in which Joey illuminates the domestic relations that exist within our current nation.

AABA is executively produced by Joey himself with an aim to build fresh perspective and direction for young listeners. AABA carries the connotation of the album title and also for “All About Badass.” The soundtracks set forth from Joey share a collective vision by relating to the endeavors and struggles of the young African-American individual. This album glaringly differs from every prior project due to the way each song is carefully scripted, crafted and curated. Each track deliberately serves a unique purpose in order to further bring Joey closer to the people. His deep introspective tone and aptitude piece together individual message machines.  Joey has experienced great tragedy throughout his lifetime and shows a strong belief in the notion of the ‘third eye.’ Some artists use gimmicks, Joey prefers mental mastery by keeping his third eye awake. Instead of “adlib rapping” Joey and his Pro Era team make timeless masterpieces that validate overall transcendence above fellow artists.

Joey’s music is a thriving force within this industry of few true multipurposed lyricists. He procures a superb sense of style, rhythm and intellectual wisdom while constructing a record. His supremacy reigns above his peers in the form of aggressive and intellectual lyricism. Joey Badass is an artist that knows how to place certain stanzas and phrases into specific tempos and patterns that resonate within the heart and soul of his listeners. His collection of poems delivers a unique interpretation for each respective musical consumer. Joey’s uplifting contribution to music demands a keen sense of awareness and serves as an explosion of culture through realistic reflection.


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