Dave East partners with Def Jam, releases debut album, reveals details about upcoming collaboration with Nas & more!

Dave East reigns from Harlem World USA and released a mixtape last October called, “Hate Me Now.” After a two-year stint with Nasir Jones and Mass Appeal Records, the young NY artist recently inked a deal with Def Jam. His most recent project, “Kairi Chanel” will be his final compilation of songs released solely with Mass Appeal. East received features from NY legends Fabolous and Cam’ron on the ‘Kairi’ tape. Dave also enlisted Beanie Sigel and The Game on his most recent collection.

Dave East initially pursued a career as a basketball player. East’s transition toward hip-hop stardom puts him in a unique league of his own. The artist went from playing basketball with Tony Durant at Towson University to a jail cell and has now linked up with Def Jam Records. On September 29, East went on the Breakfast Club to announce the recent partnership within his budding career. Thankfully, Nas will continue to executive produce East’s future music ventures due to an inclusion agreement as a distribution partner. Karen Civil, the woman who discovered influential industry mogul A$AP Yams, becomes responsible for East’s social media and marketing strategies in connection with the Marathon Agency.

Dave East’s, ‘Kairi Chanel’ sets the stage for a classic compilation of songs that radiates 90’s energy. East named the tape after his six-month old daughter because, “She is the greatest and most defining moment” of his life. Right from the jump, ‘Kairi’ feels timeless. East starts it off with “It Was Written” and pays homage to Nas, who played a vital role within East’s hip-hop upbringing. He delivers smooth and descriptive lyrics that set the tone for the entire album. The transitions between songs provide fluent pace by incorporating skits that were heavily influenced by New York culture and identity. Overall, ‘Kairi Chanel’ sheds light on the types of people and situations that East deals with as an active upcoming rapper from Harlem.

Clearly, East is a recipient of countless blessings and attention from important individuals within the industry. His rise in recognition also landed him a spot on the list of 2016 XXL Freshman. His prominent artistry has attracted the attention of numerous New Yorkers. Hot 97 invited East to perform at Summer Jam and Made in America festival as this bright and distinctive rapper continues to pave his path to the top. The Harlemite has future collaborations entertainment value, and many more stories to tell. East feels that “Kairi’ is his best work to date and will prove to be a “defining moment of his life.” East’s strong body of work, industry connections, and musical content have made it difficult to disagree that this is his defining moment.

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