Isaiah Rashad & Pell Concert Review

Syracuse’s second “Bandersnatch Concert Series” show of the spring semester provided good vibes and energy Tuesday night in Schine Underground. Pell, reigning from New Orleans, got the show started with his upbeat tempo and various musical styles. His music transitioned smoothly from mellow tempo to energetic flow. Pell made his mark on the Schine Underground with his stage presence. He was very bouncy and put a great deal of emotion into his live performance. The crowd responded well to the vibe as Pell did his best to warm them up for the main event.


After Pell exited the stage, the next DJ began to set up. Once the three background screens transitioned from the Bandersnatch concert headline to the iconic letters, “TDE” the crowd amplified its volume. The minute that Isaiah Rashad stepped into the Underground, the crowd started to cheer. He opened his set with the song, “Ronnie Drake.” He continued his strong performance with many songs from his “Cilvia” tape.


Toward the middle of the show, Rashad advised everyone to put away their phones, “if they truly f*** with him.” Rashad began to formulate his verses over a new melodic, jazzy type beat. This was the first time he had let anyone hear this song. The crowd obeyed instruction as they vibed to the track, phones in pocket. Rashad trusted the crowd and the crowd enjoyed this new sound given to them.

After the new song concluded, Rashad proceeded to perform the rest of his tracks. The crowd exploded when the song, “I Shot You Down” came on. Rashad glided about the stage as he performed the crowd’s favorite song. The crowd fed off of this energy and turned up to the familiar tune. Once this song concluded everyone assumed that the concert was over. Rashad knew that “I Shot You Down” was the crowd’s favorite song. So, after that he told the DJ to play his favorite song.


That’s when the beat dropped and Kendrick Lamar’s voice resonated through the speakers. The song, “Alright” from Kendrick’s new album “To Pimp A Butterfly” came on and the energy rose to an incredible level. This was Rashad’s grand finale. He even had the DJ cut the song and play it back from the beginning to reach that level once again.

Overall, both artists provided a unique performance with a lot of energy and liveliness. Isaiah Rashad did a better job of creating a hyphy atmosphere and getting the crowd involved. The way that he ended his performance was much more enjoyable as well. Both of these artists performed at a high level and supplied the audience with a memorable experience.

Ian is excited to review the rest of the upcoming concerts this semester. Follow him on the ‘gram Here.

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