As a writer, I find it my responsibility to give my audience everything they would want to read. But it is important to take a minute to think about what my readers will connect with. People relate to people and that is why this blog post is dedicated to the route I wish to pursue in life: the interviewer.

Here are your Top 5 Interviewers in their field (imo)

5) The Breakfast Club

Power 105.1 and host Dj Envy, Angela Yee and Charlemagne Tha God comprise this radio show. They have interviewed every rapper from Kanye West to Ab-Soul with a wide range of topics. Dj Envy does his best to handle Charlemagne’s loud personality when his subject matter gets over the top at times. Angela Yee contributes her share of interesting questions to the people they interview as well. Together, they are an intriguing team that brings the worst and best out of their subjects.

Favorite Interview: Ab Soul x The Breakfast Club

Difference-Maker: A good interview depends on the questions just as much as the answers. The people who come on The Breakfast Club are the ones who influence the atmosphere of the interview.

4) Zane Lowe

Zane Lowe was born in New Zealand, traveled to America and now reigns in England. His passion for music is what drives his actions. He started off as a radio DJ for a group called Urban Disturbance and now hosts his own radio show on BBC Radio 1. What sets him apart from his peers is the way that he is able to communicate with his subjects. He handles his interviews with eloquence, simplicity, and understanding.

Favorite Interview: Kanye x Zane Lowe

Difference Maker: The ability to genuinely listen and deliver questions that demand complexity and well-thought out responses from those who step into the booth with him.

3) Peter Rosenberg

Rosenberg is a freelancing average guy who just happens to have his own hip-hop radio show. His honesty, courage and general awareness of music makes him a relevant voice in the rap game. He is able to connect with his subjects through contemplative questions that require ideological responses. His podcast with Cipha Sounds called, “Juan Ep” has gained the attention of musicheads around the world. Rosenberg has made his mark on those within his field and continues to remain present on the radio.

Favorite Interview: Pete Rosenburg x Kendrick Lamar x ScHoolboy Q

Difference-Maker: Pete Rosenberg’s ability to truly exhibit the best characteristics of the people whom he interviews and bring about heartfelt and intelligent rhetorical responses.

2) Sway In The Morning Show

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 5.34.43 PM.png

Sway In The Morning’s radio show hosted on Eminem’s station, Shade 45 on Sirius XM satellite radio is one of the better radio shows of our generation. Sway brings on all types of celebrities and encourages each and every one of them to put forth their best spoken content. He is accompanied by Tracy G and Heather B. Anyone who is a dedicated fan of the Sway in the Morning show calls themselves citizens of Sway’s journalistic approach to his show. He thoroughly does his research for his radio shows and will always be on point within his interviewing realm.

Favorite Interview: Sway in the Morning x Phil Hughes

Difference Maker: The ability to truly resonate with his audience through similar thought processes, experience and an understanding of what is that people want to hear.

1) Nardwuar: The Human Serviette

Reigning from Vancouver British Columbia is Nardwuar, the most extensive interviewer on the face of the planet. This man defines what it means to be fully prepared for an interview. He always does his full research on the subject, gaining all kinds of obscure knowledge prior to his interview. Nobody ever knows how he comes across all of the information he does but when asked his response is, “You’re (so and so) we have to know that!” His thorough knowledge on trivial matters as well as musical matters is what separates him from the rest.

Favorite Interview: Nardwuar x Pharrell

Difference Maker: The tangible vinyl records and memorabilia that Nardwuar gives as an inspiration to the artists musical interests is what makes his interviews extremely memorable and beneficial for the people.

*Honorable Mention* – Rob Markman, Genius

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