Your Guide To Hip-Hop Consumption

Whether you’re a young buck looking to break ground in the hip-hop environment or an experienced veteran looking for new ways to find music, this guide provides helpful hints on how to find and listen to music.

First you’re going to want to find the right websites. Here are a few of my personal preferences.

#1 illroots

illroots is your day-to-day source of music, media, video and culture. Originally began as a blog but has since transformed into an engine that people rely on for their every day activity. Everyone has a different reason for visiting this website. Some choose to come to illroots simply for the blog aspect. Their tumblr like blog posts provide a peripheral route to aesthetic pleasure and distraction. Others choose to visit illroots in search of illamerica clothing and apparel. Mainly, visitors access the illroots browser in order to stay updated on music, fashion and news related to the both. You can find mixtapes, album reviews, trailers and articles all relating to music. I suggest you visit this site today and explore the realm of possibilities given.

#2 HotNewHipHop

HNHH is a primary option for many rapheads like myself. Whether hourly or daily, users commit a solid chunk of their day to being on this website. In my opinion, the hottest feature about this website is the Top 100 section. With constant updates, tags, rankings and such a small time frame (3 days max) the audience is able to consume many songs per day. Now, not all of these songs may appeal to you. Being able to know what artists you like is essential to navigating through this website. Navigation upon HNHH will bring you through songs, mixtapes, videos, artists and more.

X Factor: This website is one of the most reputable when it comes to providing hip-hop related news. With interviews, articles and reliable material HNHH has set itself apart from other blogs by remaining credible in their research, logical in their approach and choosing the correct rhetorical strategies to connect with their ever-growing audience.

#3 Complex Magazine

 Complex Magazine provides a unique experience for readers to examine many different aspects of the music world. The content that they provide encompasses hip-hop, multimedia, music, sneakers, pop culture and sports. What makes Complex magazine special is that their interviews are especially genuine. Complex can get people to say things that they wouldn’t normally say to any other news source. Reason being, Complex maintains a comfortable connection with their interview subjects. The intimacy of an interview is truly portrayed with Complex as they are able to generate informative Q&A’s.

#4 audiomack

Audiomack is a website strictly dedicated to releasing new music. Users come to this website to learn about and listen to new music. Audiomack’s musical genres span from hip-hop to electronic and reggae. They cover a wide range of music and provide a great outlet for its audience to find and consume the hottest tunes.

#5 datpiff

Datpiff is another website solely dedicated to music. Many users come to this website to download mixtapes. A mixtape is similar to an album but is given to listeners free of cost. People use datpiff to put their own mixtapes out there as well. Overall, this website is a great source for those looking to download mixtapes and/or find new songs to listen to.

#6 thissongslaps provides a blog-like feel for musicheads worldwide. Upon browsing this website, content is provided based on music related news and events. The layout of the website is very cohesive and gives users an easy route to travel through the site. Thissongslaps allows the reader to access new songs and even provide music of their own. This website is very user-friendly and gives ample opportunities to those who wish to consume new music.

Screenshot (119)

#7 KTT

KTT (kanyetothe) is a website strictly dedicated to all things Kanye West. This website provides an outlet for all Kanye-related news. The only musical aspect that it contains is that pertaining to the music of Kanye West. For some folks, this website might not be their number one choice for music consumption because of the lack of musical variety. But, for others (like myself) who are obsessed with Yeezy this website is ideal. The only downside of this website is that the content is not updated regularly. But whenever Kanye makes waves in the worlds that he is involved in, expect KTT to be the first ones to report it.

#8 noisey

Noisey is a website based in journalism, dripping in culture and flowing with references. This website gives its audience new music, style guides, features, reviews and in-depth interviews. Users roam this website in order to learn more about music, culture and signifcant deliverables related to hip hop and other forms of music.

X Factor: Noisey’s documentary video series’ with artists. Noisey has a segment where they document behind-the-scenes footage with artists all over the country. Often times these video series come in episodes where each one tells a different story. For example, the SVDDENLY series with A$AP Rocky detailed his rise to stardom, how he produces music and what it means to be involved with fashion. This series covers many different topics and involves many familiar faces. This is the most promising part of noisey as it gives readers a relatable source of content that covers many different interesting aspects of our music world.

#9 Vice

Vice Magazine provides a complete analysis of everything involved with social happenings and cultural events. Vice does not focus particularly on one specific aspect. It involves music in its issues but it is more importantly a news source. Its creative content implements topics relating to politics, crime, opinion and world views. Graphic excellence and the ability to aesthetically please their audience is a major tool for their success.

For the skinny on all music and media related news  keep it locked here at His Royal Freshness.

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