For Those Who SHHO Love

The Student Hip-Hop Organization (SHHO) is set to make a comeback at Syracuse University.FullSizeRender

The re-emergence of this organization is one that has been long awaited. In 2012, SHHO was active on Syracuse’ campus. They brought Casey Veggies to perform, hosted a Kendrick Lamar listening party and released a compilation mixtape for their audience called, “Otto Tunes.” Their activity was stunted for a few years, but they are now set to return in full force.

kendrick listening party


forties and shortiesshho tunesottotunesMany students curiousity began to peak after they got wind of the “40’s & Shorties” flyer. Not only did this flyer supply students with an epic party but it also let everyone know who was behind the scenes (SHHO) to make it possible. This party had live performances, multiple DJ’s and a house full of people. SHHO hosted its second installment of 40’s & Shorties, on Thursday April 16th.

40s n shorties pt 2

The event proved to be extremely successful. Students set up the speakers, microphones, turn tables and equipment. There was only one thing left to prepare, the stage. Thanks to Khairi, an architecture student, SHHO was graced by the presence of a stage big enough to host performers. And that is exactly what they did.


About three hours after the event commenced, Willz took the stage, stepped up to the mic and started to rap over different types of beats. He had the crowd going with his last song as the beat had properties of a mix between A$AP Ferg’s ‘Work’ and other melodic characteristics. He exited the stage after a few songs and made room for three new performers.

Enter Black Majik, Skinny B, and Loons DGAF. Black captured the crowd with his emphatic dancing and towering vocals. Much like the Rich Homie Quan dance we saw at GUF, Black did his thing on stage. Each song began with Black’s verse, followed with features by Skinny B and Loons DGAF. The crowd’s volume amplified to the maximum once the ‘Crazy’ song dropped.

There is more to SHHO than having parties, though. This organization’s purpose is to network with Syracuse’s hip-hop community and culture and to utilize hip-hop as a tool for creating unity within this vibrant ethnology on campus. With this organization students are able to share and showcase their love, passion, and talents for culture and music. This organization is also a platform and great opportunity for students to excel in their majors. What SHHO truly prides itself on is its active role within the hip-hop community. Hip-hop is an opportunity to ignite unity amongst people through interaction, interpretation, and performance.


Being that this organization revolves around hip-hop, SHHO is always looking to bring artists to perform. Local artists are happy to capture stage time and be able to reach out to their audience. The e-board of SHHO officers are in charge of bringing artists the people like. The e-board is made up of President, Vice President, Secretary, Financial Treasurer, Historian, Public Relations/Recruitment Membership Chair and Street Team Coordinator/Art Director. E-Board officers may hold more than one position as long as it is a majority vote by the governing members. Additionally, any officer can be removed from his position by a unanimous vote from the members and governing members of the organization.

dont be sheeo

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