Your GUF Music Guide

With the temperatures rising and the anticipation building for the GUF events there’s so many ways to spend your time. Someone like me appreciates music around the clock through every season. What makes music special is the various mediums by which a person can consume the art. Some prefer to walk around campus with headphones, while others may like to just sit at home, connect to the Bluetooth and zone out. However you desire to listen to music is your call but one thing is for certain: the playlist I am about to provide you with will enhance every aspect of your music-listening experience. So plug in, turn-up and get ready for the festivities that Syracuse has to offer in the coming weeks!

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First off, it’s important to bump the songs that you know the artists will perform for you. So here is your initial playlist full of GUF concert turn-ups.

Fetty Wap – Come My Way Ft. Montana Buckz

Rich Homie Quan – Walk Thru

Fetty Wap – 679 Ft. Montana Buckz

Young Thug & RHQ – Milk Marie

Travi$ Scott Ft. Migos – Sloppy Toppy

Fetty Wap – Trap Queen

Rich Homie Quan – Type of Way

Travi$ Scott – Dont Play Ft. Big Sean & The 1975

RHQ – Type of Way

Travi$ Scott – Drive (1975 Remix)

Rich Homie Quan – I Know

Drake Ft. Travi$ Scott – Company

Travi$ Scott – Days Before Rodeo (The Prayer)


Secondly, the most crucial part of a turn-up playlist is knowing your audience. Awareness of male to female ratio is always imporant to gauge the vibe in the room. If you’re at a pre-game where it is just your homies and a few fine ladies you might want to start slow and work your way up to the hype songs and the GUF setlist. But if you’re at a pre-game where you know it is going to be packed the minute you walk in and they’re giving you the aux cord then you have to adapt to that situation. Here are some steady songs that allow for adaptation.

Father Ft. iLOVEMAKONNEN – Wrist

Drake – Now & Forever


Rich Gang – Tell Em

Post Malone – White Iverson

Drake Ft. PartyNextDoor – Preach

Big Sean Ft. A$AP Ferg – Ja Rule

Fabolous – Rap & Sex

FLY – Swag Surfin

Future – Peacoat

PARTYNEXTDOOR Ft. Cash Out – Don’t Worry

iLOVEMAKONNEN – Vodka On The Weekend

Chief Keef – Faneto


Carnage Ft. A$AP Ferg – WDYW

Meek Mill – The Get Back (Freestyle)

Trey Songz – Slow Motion

Father Ft. iLOVEMAKKONNEN & RichPoSlim – Young Hot Ebony (Remix)

Childish Gambino and Kauri Foxx – No Small Talk

Fabolous – Bish Bounce


Trey Songz – Y.A.S.

Chinatown – Migos

My Type of Party – Dom Kennedy

K Camp Ft. Mykko Montana – Do It

Mike Gip – Rik Rok BB Pt. 2

The Game – T.H.O.T.

I Don’t Want No Thot (Yeet)

Migos – Bricks

Big Sean Ft. PARTYNEXTDOOR – Deserve It

Finally, a turn up is never complete without the use of impressive throwbacks. When you feel the crowd might be a little out of tune with your song selection or whenever you sense a need for change feel free to switch it up. Put on a throwback or two, let that nostalgia fill the air and enjoy the vibes. Your throwback choice may even force you to hand the DJ duties over to someone else. That is completely fine. Let that throwback rock, sing along and possibly catch that premium dub. However you feel comfortable is how it should be. Here are a few songs that remind of us of the past, in all the right ways.

Ciara Ft. Missy Elliot – 1,2 Step

Ja Rule Ft. Ashanti – Mesmerize

Fat Joe Ft. Ashanti – What’s Love

50 Cent Ft. The Game – Hate It Or Love It

the doc

Ja Rule Ft. Ashanti – Always On Time

50 Cent Ft. The Game – How We Do

Luniz – 5 On It

The Game – Wouldn’t Get Far

50 Cent – 21 Questions

get rich

The beauty of music is that there is an unlimited selection of songs to choose from. Because music touches such a fragile part of our being, the emotions everyone listens to different music/music differently. Music causes us to remember, dance, and most importantly it unites people. So choose your songs wisely and entertain your friends with these suggestions, if you wish. Whatever you do, enjoy yourself and make sure to keep those tunes bumping, before it is someone else’s turn on the aux cord.

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