Spring Forward

Spring Break is a thing of the past in Syracuse as the campus begins to heat up, physically and metaphorically. On March 25 Syracuse received wind of some news that has got a lot of people excited. Here is a quick preview of everything going down in Syracuse for weeks to come.

March 26 ~ Fashion’s Conscience: Sartorial Panel


Fashion’s Conscience is an organization dedicated to promoting multiculturalism through fashion and shedding light on minorities in the fashion industry. They are set to host their panel in Newhouse 3. This panel includes well-known fashion icons such as Shaun Ross, the first male albino model, Law Roach, best known as actress Zendaya Coleman’s stylist, sunglass designers Coco & Breezy and VFILES DJ Champion and fashion designer Gianni Lee. They will be discussing their careers and lives in the fashion industry.

Fashion’s Conscience: Ministry of Monochrome

Screen Shot 2015-03-21 at 12.50.19 AM

March 28 ~ Fashion’s Conscience has stepped it up a notch with this year’s lineup for their annual spring fashion show. Rather than featuring student designers this year they have brought in multiple fashionistas from around the country to be featured in the event. The show will feature pieces by Made in June by Natalie Grace, E’qouta, Lindsay Morse, V V Patchouli and Coco & Breezy eyewear. SU alum Lawrence Jackson will be hosting the event.

The Honor Role Coverage

The Honor Role

Keep an eye out for a very likable Syracuse campus urban media program that will be reporting live from the red carpet of the fashion show. They will keep you updated on all of the inside scoop and fill you in on what you need to know throughout the course of the evening.

Probate Season

Tis the season for random texts telling you those two important W’s. Where and When. The rest you can figure out once you get there. Pledges are almost free as we can sense the activity heightening within the Syracuse air. Soon enough, that one homie that you swear fell off the face of the Earth will resurface. Or, the close friend you made years ago that you just seem to lost contact with may be on one of those lines. Keep your eyes open as the determination and dedication of Syracuse students is soon to shine through with Initiation Season right around the corner.

Punch Out Season

FullSizeRender (2)

That time of the year is approaching. The time where Syracuse students either get all their work finished before the weekend or disregard their work altogether until Sunday. Either way you look at it, your Thursday-Saturday is booked until finals week. Be ready for those punch out parties where each fraternity/sorority brings their own mixture to the table. Oh, and please drink responsibly.

April 1 ~ April 4 ~ Greek Unity Fest Events


Between the Step Show, Speaker (Teraji P. Henson), Concert and After Party we don’t know which one we’re most excited about. There’s set to be plenty of proud students repping their letters in stomping, flashing, neck rolling, shoulder shimmying fashion here at Syracuse.

FullSizeRender (3)

The performers that will take the stage that weekend are truly incredible. Rich Homie Quan is an electrifying, upbeat presence with songs like, “Walk Thru” and “Type of Way.” Travi$ Scott is a dark, energetic and well produced artist who provides unique performances. Some songs to look for from him are, “Company” “Upper Echelon” and “Quintana.” Fetty Wap is the ladies favorite with songs like “Come My Way” “Trap Queen” and “679” Ft. Montana Buckz.

April 19 ~Earthfest


April 24 ~ Don’t forget about the end of the year’s biggest event, Mayfest. This year is set to be crazy as Chancellor Kent flirted with the idea of moving it to Skytop. Will University Union bring artists as entertaining as GUF? We can only wait and see.

Ian loves to write about music and Syracuse related news. He expresses himself in multiple ways. Check him out on Twitter here.

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