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There has been a lot going on within the music world in the year 2015. A name that continues to be mentioned within the world of music and fashion starts with a K and ends in anye West. Kanye has made waves in the fashion world, released new sneakers, has an album on the way and is set to headline the Glastonbury Music Festival in England. Here is a brief update of everything Kanye in the year 2015.

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 January 23 ~ Kanye managed to produce a song with Paul McCartney. I’m sure you’ve heard of “Four Five Seconds” with Rihanna.


February 13 ~ Kanye West perfectly timed his debut line with Adidas: “Yeezy Season

1″ during New York Fashion Week which coincided with NBA All-Star weekend in Brooklyn.

When asked how these outfits made by Kanye made them feel people responded with,


Kanye West at the debut of his new line with adidas. Check out the new track ‘Wolves’ on our site now, link in bio.February 26 ~ Kanye and thirty other performers captivated the 2015 UK TV Brit Awards audience. One of the men who joined Kanye goes by the name of Skepta. There’s a skit in his song, “Shut Down” that mocked the reaction they received,

“A bunch of young men all dressed in black dancing extremely aggressively on stage,

it made me so intimidated and it’s just not what I expect to see on primetime TV.”

February 28 ~ Kanye releases his Adidas Yeezy Boosts at multiple rare locations.

February 28 – March 1 ~ Along with the release of “All Day”, Kanye announces his seventh solo album to be released: So Help Me God

March 10 ~ Kanye x Adidas releases original Yeezy Season 1 Lookbook

March 11 ~ Kanye has been receiving a lot of attention as you can see. Anonymous others did not take too kindly to Kanye’s late success.

March 16 ~ Certainly we can’t forget about Kanye celebrating his love for his wife openly on social media.

Screenshot (111)

Right now ~ Overall, Kanye has made strides in our generation’s time whether people like it or not and I applaud him.

Kanye West brings out Fetty Wap in NYC. Link in bio.



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